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Serious Equipment for the Not So Serious Golfer

Bandit Golf was formed with the primary purpose of developing high quality game improvement products that genuinely give golfers an advantage over standard Conforming USGA equipment.

Bandit Golf was first introduced to the golf industry in the Spring of 2004 and quickly became recognized as the premier manufacturer of U.S.G.A. non-conforming golf balls.  In May of 2006 Bandit “Maximum Distance” golf balls were used at an Extreme Long Drive event to break 5 long standing Guinness® World Records for golf ball distance and velocity.  The results gained significant notoriety and company President Jeff Bennett was interviewed for an article in a special U.S. Open section of the June 2006 Wall Street Journal.

Distribution grew quickly and Bandit “Maximum Distance” golf balls were being sold at popular Off Course Golf Specialty Pro Shops, Sporting Goods stores, Catalogue companies and the top Retail Golf websites across the United States.  During the past several years Bandit Golf has continued to utilize new modern technologies to improve and upgrade the feel and performance of the popular Bandit “Maximum Distance” golf ball.

In February 2011 the company expanded the high-quality product selection to include the unique innovative game improvement Bandit Power-Lock golf glove.  Made from the finest tour quality cabretta leather the glove features a double Velcro closure with the Power-Lock wrist strap.  In January 2017 Bandit Golf introduced the Bandit MD-488 Ti Driver.  Utilizing new high-tech materials and technology the Bandit MD-488 Ti incorporates the thinnest, most durable U.S.G.A. non-conforming Hi-COR cup face design.  The year 2018 delivered even more excitement.  After several years of development and testing Bandit Golf introduced the Bandit SB golf ball which features a smaller U.S.G.A. non-conforming 1.65” diameter.

Your drive flies furthest, giving you the advantage

The Bandit steals the show, beating out leading USGA and #1 selling golf balls.

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We Make the Game More Fun

Bandit Golf™ is dedicated to providing high quality performance enhancing game improvement golf equipment for the “Weekend Warrior” or more commonly known as the average recreational golfer. If you are a golfer looking to have more fun, shoot lower scores, hit the ball farther, impress your golfing buddies or better yet have an advantage over those buddies, then Bandit Golf has the products and equipment for YOU!

Golf is a great game but the fact remains it is a very difficult game to play and can be very frustrating. On top of this, golf has a governing body called the United States Golf Association that establishes the “Rules of Golf” and determines conforming equipment specifications that makes the game even harder to play. At Bandit Golf we have the highest respect for the U.S.G.A and agree with and fully endorse these rules and equipment limitations for professional tournament play. However, the vast majority of golfers play the sport for fun and enjoyment, exercise, social interaction, and business purposes.  Simply stated our GOAL is to make sure golf is FUN!

Target Golfer


Recreational Golfers of all Ages

Amateur Golfers of all Skill Levels

Senior and Elderly Golfers

Women Golfers

Golfers Experiencing Health Issues

Recovering Cancer Survivors

Over the years the game of golf has gone through tremendous periods of growth and times of decline.  Despite the ups and downs, a large segment of frustrated golfers lost interest in the game or even quit playing.  For many of these golfer’s frustration has been the result of struggles from loss of distance due to age or health.

To make matters even worse for the recreational golfer, new technology has provided P.G.A. tour professionals even more distance and golf courses are now being designed longer and more difficult.

Don’t let longer golf courses or loss of distance deprive your enjoyment. Have a great time and play Bandit equipment.